Sunday, November 2, 2014

Goodwill Finds

When you are trying to save money the thrift store is your best friend. Also, when you want to find unique and different items thrift stores are were you need to be. 
So yesterday I was doing some shopping when I drove past a Goodwill and something told me to go in there. 
As I was browsing through I stumbled upon these rain boots. 
2 reasons why I needed these boots:
1. Since the weather is changing it is raining a lot here in Colorado ( rubber sole are great for the rainy weather)
2. For Christmas I am going to stay in the mountains and needed some warm boots (they have fur inside them) 
So when I saw these boots I was super excited. 
The price?? Only $8.00!!

While caring these awesome boots around I decided to check out the furniture decoration section. It was there that I found one the most unique and spiritual items I've seen. 
It was a pink Buddha. 
2 reasons why I needed this:
1. Pink is an accent color in my room and I needed more things to bring this color out.
2. I am trying to bring more peace and positivity into my life.
When I saw this I had to have it,
Have you ever saw something and thought this was here just for you?
That's what I felt when it came to this Buddha statue. 
The price? Only $4.00!!

I am so happy with the things I found in this Goodwill.
When your mind tells you to go into a store go because you'll never what might find, it could be something you need or something you didn't know you needed but happy that you found it. 


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