Friday, September 19, 2014

Current beauty essentials...

My facial routine always starts off a facial cleanser ($30?)
I use this Origins "Checks and Balances" face wash. It's a frothy face wash that cleans both dry and oily skin.
The next step would be to put on my Biore  strips ($10)
I suffer from both blackheads (nose) and whiteheads (chin), and with consistent use these strips have help diminished the pores on my face. 
After that, I do my Queen Helen Mint Julep Masque ($5)
This masque helps to absorb excess oil, rinses away blackheads and help minimize the appearance of pores. 
Then I apply this Origins "No Puffery" ($21)
This a cooling masque to help eliminate puffy eyes
Lastly, I moisturize my face with Simple Replenishing Moisturizer ($8) 
This lightweight  moisturizer  leaves my skin feeling moist and soft. 

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